Special Award Winners 2014 

Barbara Newton and Carol Bagan

Lifetime Achievement Award 2014

The Players' Ring is well known for its distinctive approach to showcasing theatre and performing arts. It's an approach born of the remarkable achievements and spirit of founding member and director of the Players’ Ring, Barbara Newton. Barbara has been involved in virtually every aspect of running the theatre since 1992. 

She is responsible for the finance and administration operations of the venue, including grant writing, fundraising, and strategic planning.  Elected president by the board of directors in 2000 (replacing the late founder F. Gary Newton) Barbara oversees the day-to-day operations at the Players' Ring and has guided major renovations and repair projects to their historic theatre building from adding new lighting to installing a new roof and new seating.

Barbara has been the driving force, establishing the Players’ Ring as a truly remarkable small theatre receiving many kudos in the creatively competitive Seacoast arts community.


"Matty" Award for Vision & Tenacity

Carol Bagan was a New York teacher when she first appeared onstage as Fire for “Fire and Ice,” dancing in red-dyed cheesecloth. Since that experience, her theatrical flame has never gone out.  Carol moved to Concord in 1970 not knowing a soul and soon found a second home on Prince Street at the Concord City Auditorium.

The beginning of a long volunteer relationship with Community Players of Concord introduced her to Concord’s many community-based arts organizations. As Carol produced, painted, promoted (even performed) she became aware of the looming threat to the Auditorium’s existence and met the challenge head-on. In 1991 when the city manager announced the intention to close the city-owned Auditorium and turn it into three floors of office space, Carol, with the late Harriet Ward, a trustee of the Walker Lecture Fund, shared a vision to work in partnership with the city “to preserve and maintain the historic municipal theatre and foster its affordable and accessible use for the benefit of everyone in the community.”  

Supported by Concord’s arts groups, this partnership prevailed. In the last 24 years the Friends of The Audi have raised and invested more than $1.5 million in upgrades to the theater. Every year hundreds of people volunteer time, talent and help sustain a treasured community inspired in no small part by the vision and tenacity of Carol Bagan.

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Wanna Skip Training Next Year? 

While some of us view the NHTA Adjudication Training and Public Flogging a great way to get together with friends, others view the training as, well, tedious. Well, here's your chance to get out of attending training next fall.

"How?" you may be asking! "How can I avoid this?!"

Calm down, I'll tell you: WRITE GREAT BALLOTS.


"How do I know if I have written a great ballot?" you may ask.

Get 5 stars! What could be easier?

This season, we have introduced ballot proctoring. We'll score your ballots and if you have at least three ballots with an average score of 4 or better, no training for you. You could come any way, of course. After all, there are free doughnuts.

So, get out there and see your shows and write some great ballots because ballots are the backbone of the NHTA!

Have a great season!

(See the Proctoring description on the policies page)

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Notice! Time on your ticket is wrong 

It has been brought to our attention that the Stockbridge Theatre has posted the wrong starting time for the NHTA Show on January 31st - we will be rectifying this as soon as possible but wanted to make sure everybody knew that the  *correct start time is 7:00 pm* (not 7:30 pm as the Stockbridge website and tickets state).  Thank you!  Please spread the word to your friends and family members who may be attending!  
Friday, January 23, 2015 9:24:00 PM

Reminder for Media 

Just a final reminder that all media files (nominee pictures, theatre company logos, production photos for drama/comedy, production logos or flyers for nominated productions, In Memoriam pictures) must be received by January 8th or we cannot guarantee they will be included in the show!  Refer to the prior instructions for file naming, email subject line, file requirements and send to us Media@NHTheatreAwards.org.

Also, we need RSVP's from all nominees by January 8th as well.  Any nominee who is not attending may also include a short acceptance speech to be read by the presenter.  Speeches may be edited for length and content if necessary.  Send RSVP and include speech to RSVP@NHTheatreAwards.org. 

Please note: If you are a winner and DO NOT RSVP we will assume you are not in attendance and the presenter will accept the award on your behalf.

Thank you!

The NH Theatre Awards

Friday, January 02, 2015 9:26:00 PM


The Board of Directors Of the NH Theater Awards cordially invites you




10:30 PM-1:00AM




This year we are giving you MORE!  
And a special TEEN-ONLY area with free beverages and snacks!

Please join us at the beautiful Radisson Hotel in downtown Manchester for an evening of socializing, cocktails, appetizers, and dancing as we celebrate the NH Theater Awards. The Radisson Hotel is conveniently located just a short 15 minute drive from The Stockbridge Theatre and offers plenty of covered parking and easy access to all major highways.

Make a Night of It!

Reduced-rate accommodations are available for After Party guests. Please contact the Radisson directly at 603-206-4218 and ask for the NH Theatre Awards room block.

After Party Seating

We will provide plenty of open seating at tables for you to enjoy. A limited number of private tables are available for groups of 10 guests. A private table will automaticaly be assigned when purchasing 10 tickets in a single transaction.  All guests names are required at the time of purchase.

TICKETS are required for this years event. You can purchase tickets on line here!

HAVE QUESTIONS? Contact us from the event page!

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