The NHTA recognizes that conflicts arise and an adjudicator may be unable to fulfill their assignment. Work, vacation, performing in another show are all conflicts that cannot always be foreseen by the NHTA Adjudication Administrator. We appreciate and expect that adjudicators will make every effort to complete their assignment when simply inconvenient. Part of the objective of sending adjudicators to performances all around the state is two-fold:

  • To afford the performing company with scrutiny and critique from a wide variety of unfamiliar and hopefully unbiased adjudicators
  • To afford the adjudicator with exposure to a wide variety of performing companies, show selections, actors, directing styles, etc..

The NHTA understands that life intervenes and often an adjudicator's ability to fulfill their duty is impossible. Therefore, the NHTA has implemented a procedure to request reassignment.

Reassignment requests are ONLY accepted and processed when made by the assigned Adjudicators via the NH Theatre Awards Adjudication website.

IMPORTANT: email requests will not be accepted!

There are two steps adjudicators must take to obtain removal from an assignment.

  1. Contact your Liaison and attempt to obtain coverage from within your own company's adjudicators
  2. Submit the reassignment request via the tool provided on the NHTA Adjudicator website. In the tool, do the following:
  • Indicate the nature of your conflict that prompted the request
  • Enter the name of your replacement from your company or enter your need for a volunteer from the NHTA
In the event that your conflict is sudden and short notice, such as a car accident or a sudden illness, please call your liaison or the NHTA directly.