Each Theatre Company can request to have up to 2 productions adjudicated in EACH production Category (Professional, Community and Youth) per NHTA calendar year.  A third production is permitted in each category if at least one (1) of the 3 submissions is an original play. (see "Productions / Types / Original Play").

Theatre companies MUST declare the number of shows they want adjudicated on the "Annual Application Form", which must be submitted by January 1st of the participation year. The form must include the number of shows the company plans to submit for adjudication. It is not necessary to know the exact type, title, date or venue at the time of application but it IS REQUIRED to declare the number so that the NHTA can confirm that each company provides the minimum required adjudicators for the coming year.

Immediately following submission of the application form, the theatre company Liaison must submit their show information on the NHTA Adjudication website.

  • If the exact shows are not know, it is required to submit "TBA" for each show title. When the exact shows are determined, the Liaison must update the "TBA" post to the show title NO LESS THAN 60 days prior to opening date.
  • If the exact dates are not known, it is required to enter a tentative date range for each show. When the exact dates are determined, the Liaison must update the tentative dates NO LESS THAN 60 days prior to opening date.

If a production is scheduled less than 60 days from the application date, please contact the NHTA Administration immediately and they will assist with the submission.