Adjudicators Assigned
Each Production submitted on time will have six (6) random adjudicators assigned to Adjudicate

Minimum Number of Ballots
A production must have at least three (3) ballots to be officially scored.  If less than 3 ballots are received then the production will unfortunately be ineligible for winning or being listed as a Top Finalist.

The calculation process works as follows:

# Ballots Received: 6 Ballots
Drop High and Low score:
Score Calculation: Average remaining 4 Ballots
# Ballots Received: 5 Ballots
Drop High and Low scores
Score Calculation: Average remaining 3 Ballots

# Ballots Received: 4 Ballots
Score Calculation: 1) Average High & Low Ballot as 1 ballot;  2) Average the 3 Ballots

# Ballots Received: 3 Ballots
Score Calculation: Average all 3 Ballots