The NH Theatre Awards relies upon feedback from its participating companies in order to improve upon its training for Adjudicators. While these comments are final, the NH Theatre Awards welcomes your ideas and questions relative to the release of the comments.

Adjudicator comments are made available on the NH Theatre Awards Adjudication website the morning after the NH Theatre Awards show.

  • Only Liaisons can access Adjudicator comments for their adjudicated Productions
  • Each company can only access comments specific to its own productions. No company has access to the comments of any other company's production.
  • Individuals other than liaisons may not petition the NH Theatre Awards to have comments distributed to them. If there is any doubt as to the veracity of the identity of any liaison requesting access to comments, the NH Theatre Awards will deny access until the company has been contacted and the identity of their liaison confirmed
  • Comments are viewed by production
  • Comments can be emailed to you by selecting the "Email To Me" button on the NHTA adjudication website
  • The dissemination of comments is at the discretion of each theater company
  • Each company must make their own determination on the confidentiality and distribution of their comments. The NH Theatre Awards will not be held responsible for the dispersal of this information once it has been released to the individual company's liaisons.
  • Scores and names of adjudicators are omitted from comments to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the adjudication process. Scores and adjudicator names will not ever be revealed.