Published works in the format commonly accepted as "play" in the theatre arena are eligible for the NHTA Drama/Comedy (Play) award categories.

(see NOTE below)


Published works in the format commonly accepted as "Musical play" in the theatre arena are eligible for the NHTA Musical award categories.

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An Original Drama/Comedy/Musical is eligible for adjudication as an ORIGINAL drama, comedy, or musical if it meets the following criteria:

The production must be, in the judgment of the NH Theatre Awards, a legitimate theatrical production

  • Work must be original material -- not translated, adapted, or updated from an existing play, book, movie or other source UNLESS the work shows substantial originality compared with its source not limited to, but including, characters, plot, setting, original score, time period, dialogue, etc.  The NH Theatre Awards will have the ultimate decision as to whether the work shows enough originality to qualify.
  • Work must be unavailable through any publishing house
  • Work must never have been produced in New Hampshire
  • If a musical, a majority of the music must be written by the creator(s) or author(s) of the play
  • If a musical, the songs and/or music must serve to propel the story and enhance character development. A sequence of musical numbers loosely connected by introductions, commentary, or vignettes with no concurrent plot does not qualify as an original musical. Musical revues, "revuesicals", concerts with "themes" or improvisational works are not considered to be eligible as an original production.

(see NOTE below)

*NOTE: The NHTA  reserves the right to inspect any submission in any category prior to adjudication, and to accept or deny any submissions. Should any company wish to contest the NH Theatre Awards criteria, they may appeal to the NH Theatre Awards . The NH Theatre Awards'  decision regarding eligibility of any submission is final.