Cast and Crew

Producers…Peter Ramsey, Rick Broussard
Director/Writer…Scott Katrycz
Assistant Producer…Joe Vago
Co-Writers…Lowell Williams, Scott Severance
Technical Director…Tyler Whitney
Production Manager…Whit Privette
Technical Advisor…Norm St. Germain, APS Lighting-Sound-A/V
Lighting Design…Tyler Whitney
Stage Manager…Scott Katrycz
Sound Engineer…Dana Beaulieu
Marketing Director….Cate Burns
Graphic Designer…Shawn Lavigne
Director of Public Relations…Kerri Christopher
Audio/Video Engineer…Marc Vadeboncouer

VIP Party Coordinator…Gina Carballo
Awards Night Photographer…P.T. Sullivan
Awards Hostesses…Katherine Proulx, Melissa Stammer Runde

Music Director/Orchestrations...Joel Mercier
Trumpet...Dennis Perriccio
Reeds...Rob Daisy
Bass...Jonathan Wilkins
Percussion...Judith Bruneau
Costumes…Mary Selvoski of Mary’s Closet, Betty Thomson

With Performances by:

Scott Severance
George Piehl
Stagecoach Productions
Actorsingers of Nashua
Peacock Players
Community Players of Concord, NH
Advice to the Players
MoCo Arts
Amherst PTA

The NH Theatre Awards Board of Directors
President…David Preece
Vice President…Dennis Schneider
Treasurer…Dennis Schneider
Maureen A Dastous
Mark DeLancey
PeggyRae Johnson
Mike Kasten
Trish Lindberg
Peter Ramsey
Keith Stevens
Keith Weirich
Rick Broussard

NH Theatre Awards Operations Committee Members (formerly named Executive Committee):
Executive Director…Joe Vago
Adjudication Administrator…Mo Demers
Adjudication Proctor…Neil Pankhurst
Awards Night Director…Scotty Katrycz
Secretary…Dr. Alan Kaplan
Committee Members….Lowell Williams, Kevin Riley, Gina Carballo, Bob Frasca, Lyn Osborne Winter, Joel Mercier, Toby Tarnow, Morgan Murphy,

Evening Lineup
Medley by Scott Severance: Spamalot
Welcome Remarks - Joe Vago, David Preece
Matthew Gregg Award for Vision and Tenacity - Rick Broussard
Medley by Moco: West Side Story
Best Lighting Design Awards
Best Sound Design Awards
Medley by Amherst PTA: Children of Eden
Best Scenic Design Awards
Best Costume Awards
Medley by Community Players of Concord: Christmas Carol
Best Choreography Awards
Best Music Director Awards
Best Supporting Actress Awards
Medley by Advice to the Players: Hamlet
Best Supporting Actor Awards
Medley by Peacock Players: Wedding Singer
Medley by Actorsingers - Adia
Best Actor Awards
Medley by George Piehl
Best Actress Awards
Medley by Stagecoach: Little Women
Excellence in Children’s Theatre Award
Best Original Playwright Awards
Lifetime Achievement Award
Slide Show – Section of Photos from 2010 Plays
Best Director Awards
General Excellence Awards
Best Production Awards