• The production must be performed by an approved NHTA participating Theatre Company. Productions performed by touring companies "hosted" by a participating NHTA company are ineligible.
  • The production must have a minimum of three (3) scheduled, authorized, open admission performances, all in the same venue within New Hampshire.   Rehearsals & performances that are "private", "restricted admission", or "invitation only" are not eligible for adjudication.
  • The production must be, in the judgment of the NH Theatre Awards, a legitimate theatrical production. (see "Productions / Types)
  • A script must be available upon request. In the case of a musical, a libretto or other orchestration must also be available upon request. Therefore, improvisational works are ineligible.
  • A production will be disqualified if the Theatre Company is unable to produce proof of payment of royalties and/or proof of agreement for copyrighted work (upon NHTA request).



Academic or school or college productions are *not* eligible for adjudication..

An Academic production is defined as being produced or funded by groups that are programs within a formal educational institutions which run full time academic programs. 

Regardless of the educational institution having - or not having - a formal theatre program, the act of the group being funded by the educational institution deems the production ineligible.