Requirements for NEW NH Theatre Award Theatre Company Applicants:

  1. Must have done one of the following:
    • Produced at least 2 full theatre productions in the previous calendar year
    • Produced 1 full theatre production per year for the previous 2 calendar years.
                     NOTE: Above mentioned productions must meet the NH Theatre Awards requirements for an "adjudicable" production to qualify.
  2. Must provide Programs, Press Releases and Promotional Material for past productions, if requested by the NHTA
  3. Must be incorporated or based in NH.
  4. Must perform significant majority of productions in New Hampshire.
  5. Must NOT be named on any theatre union's "strike list" or their equivalents.


For EXISTING NHTA Theatre Company Applicants:

Having previously met the minimum number of previously produced productions requirements for a "new" company noted above, a currently eligible Theatre Company must present a minimum of 1 production each consecutive year in order to maintain eligibility as a continuing theatre company.

All other requirements noted above must continue to be met.