While some of us view the NHTA Adjudication Training and Public Flogging a great way to get together with friends, others view the training as, well, tedious. Well, here's your chance to get out of attending training next fall.

"How?" you may be asking! "How can I avoid this?!"

Calm down, I'll tell you: WRITE GREAT BALLOTS.


"How do I know if I have written a great ballot?" you may ask.

Get 5 stars! What could be easier?

This season, we have introduced ballot proctoring. We'll score your ballots and if you have at least three ballots with an average score of 4 or better, no training for you. You could come any way, of course. After all, there are free doughnuts.

So, get out there and see your shows and write some great ballots because ballots are the backbone of the NHTA!

Have a great season!

(See the Proctoring description on the policies page)

Posted by Lowell Williams Monday, January 26, 2015 10:39:00 AM Categories: Policy & Procedure Training


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