Seeking adjudicated "Drama/Comedy" pictures for Awards Show

Each year the NH Theatre Awards has a slideshow presentation of many of the years adjudicated Drama or Comedy productions during the Awards Show.

Submissions will be accepted until Sunday January 15th.

If your company submitted a Drama/Comedy for Adjudication this year, the NH Theatre Awards would like to receive up to THREE (3) of your best pictures from your production(s).   

Because of the high volume of submissions we ask that each submission STRICTLY follow the guidelines below.  This saves time and greatly reduces the errors in processing and creating the presentation.

NOTE: This is for Drama/Comedy productions only.  Musicals are represented in live performances during the Awards Show.

Best regards,

Mo Demers
NHTA Administrator


NOTE: Our email system cannot accept file attachments greater than 5 MB.  If your picture files are large, please send multiple emails, 1 for each picture.

SUBJECT:   Awards Show Pictures for {insert PRODUCTION NAME}, by {insert COMPANY NAME}

Specifications for Pictures:

  • Image files received that do not meet these requirements cannot be used.
  • Maximum of THREE (3) pictures per production (please do not make us choose)
  • Picture resolution of 1024x768 or better
  • File size less than 5 MB
  • Rename the picture images in the following format:  ProductionName_CompanyName_1.*  (Ex: Little Shop of Horrors_Peterborough Players.JPG )

Feel free to credit the photographer in your email notes.

Thank you for following our guidelines to help correctly identify the photo submissions and credit the appropriate people.

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