Adjudication Website Issue with older web browsers 

Adjudicators please be aware that we are currently experiencing an sporadic issue with the Adjudication Website when submitting ballots or confirming attendance.

FIX: Most issues are being reported with people who are using older web browsers.  Please upgrade to the most recent version of your web browser to avoid issues.

Good news is that the Request Assignments are unaffected.

This seems to have been caused by a major upgrade to the code base of the Main website.  

There is no easy fix for this in older browsers. We are working on a major upgrade to the Adjudication website for this issue.

In the meantime you may submit your ballots via email to and we will enter them for you.

Thank you for your patience


Posted by Joe Vago Tuesday, May 21, 2013 10:44:00 AM Categories: Adjudication Website